YouTube Easiest Way To Make Money From Home

When somebody enters the web world, they begin to see numerous ways for them to make money online from home.

There are at least a dozen ways to make money online. These include blogging for money, affiliate marketing, eBook revenues, earning from AdSense,  freelancing with sites like Upwork and oDesk and so on.

If we have to choose the best two ways to make money online from home, blogging is at a number which is followed by monetizing YouTube videos.


YouTube Money

Have you ever pondered that why renowned YouTube celebrities treat their channels as a full-time job?  Well, the answer is quite simple! It’s because they earn handsome amount of money from their YouTube Channels.

YouTube is the most well-known video sharing site on the planet, so I guess you know about it to some degree. You can make money from it by making your own channel and advancing either your own or other organizations’ services and products, or you can take an interest in the YouTube Partner Program.

In recent times, New York Times did a profile on Olga Kay, a renowned YouTuber, and uncovered she has been making $100,000 – $130,000 from her YouTube Channel every year ( that is $8.3k – 10.8k every month) for recent three years.

YouTube is much similar to some other online networking webpage as far as set-up goes. Be that as it may, here are the rules you have to take to make a video channel worthy of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of viewers every day.

  • Make a YouTube channel.
  • Make videos and upload to YouTube that will gather attention.
  • You will get money for each video view; on average, one or two dollars per 1,000 video views.
  • YouTube provides opportunity for content producers to make money and to do that all you have to do is appeal to the viewers

How to Get Started

Step 1: Create Your YouTube Channel

Sign in to your YouTube Account and create a channel. You can also use your Google account to create YouTube Channel. Before creating YouTube channel decide that you want to set it up in your own name or the name of your business if you have any.

2nd most important factor to consider while making your YouTube channel is that you need to choose keywords that your target market will probably utilize when they scan for the items and services that you’re offering so that will probably appear in their outcomes list.

pick the right theme and color scheme for your topic area to create an attractive YouTube channel. Be sure to upload a picture that is representative of you or your brand so that your viewers can start to connect with you.

Select one of your best video for your featured video on your YouTube channel. Keep in mind that this may be what gets your target market to sign up for your posts or leave your channel, so it needs to be one that entices them to do what you’d like.

Step 2: Post Videos

Once your YouTube channel is made, you are prepared to present your videos on it. What sorts of videos do best? All things considered, it relies on upon what you’re attempting to finish with them. For the most part, shorter, excellent or high quality videos appear to get the most views. Accordingly, it might be justified, despite all the trouble to invest in good equipment and engage the help of friends so you’re not attempting to do everything solo.

Conversely, if you are exhibiting something or making a how-to video, it ought to be longer in length with a specific end goal to pass on a total message. You need to get the greater part of the vital data in without talking quick or skirting things with an end goal to lessen your time.

To choose which will work best for your requirements, consider what your objective market might want to see and do your recordings in view of those considerations. On the off chance that you don’t have a clue, ask them and let them disclose to you what to direct next.

Step 3: Build Your Audience

As was said in step one, choosing great keywords for your content directs people to your channel. So, remember that when you’re attempting to target a select group of people. Utilize Google Keyword Planner to scan for keywords in light of your channel’s specialty. Make a rundown of the most elevated sought keywords. You ought to think of around 20 here. List the keyword phrase alongside the quantity of month to month seeks. These are search keywords.

Make money from YouTube

Following visit YouTube and ensure that you’re logged out. We’re going to be using the search function. Get the list that you simply made and sort the initial three-four letters of the keyword phrase. YouTube will begin posting proposals as you write. This is no happenstance. These are watchwords that different clients are utilizing to look for videos. You need to coordinate these proposals to the catchphrases in your rundown. These are your targeted audience keywords.

What’s more, similarly as you ought to consistently post with different types of online networking, the same applies to YouTube. This will get an ever increasing number of individuals to subscribe to your channel since they realize that you will transfer content reliably, making it less demanding to create a following.

Step 4: Cross Promote Your Videos

Share your videos on different types of web-based social networking, for example, Facebook and Twitter, to lead your supporters and associations back to your YouTube webpage.

Encourage them to subscribe to your channel so they can without much of a stretch see what you will do next. On the off chance that you don’t instruct them, they won’t consider it all alone. Get them excited for what you bring to the table and make them need to be a piece of it.

Step 5: Set your YouTube account up to monetize with ads

You can take this step either right when you are uploading your video or after it is now live. Do this by checking the “Monetize with Ads” alternative which can be found on the upload screen or by setting off to your Video Manager and doing it there afterward.

Once your video is ready to be monetized, you’ll additionally need to go to the Google AdSense site and make an account there. To do this, you should be 18 years old and have either a PayPal account or a financial balance to get paid, so remember these parameters before squandering your time by discovering that you don’t have what you require.

Few ads are Cost for per Click (CPC), which implies that your advertiser pays when their advertisement is tapped on. Different advertisements are Cost per View (CPV), which requires that your viewers watch at any rate half of their promotion, or 30 seconds worth, whichever starts things out. Pre-roll advertisements are the ones that play your video, while promotions can likewise show up at the base of your video screen or in favor of it.

Everyone has their own favorable circumstances, so it is truly up to you which ones you need to utilize. You may even choose to attempt a few them and see which ones work best for your viewers. Transform them around and check whether it has any kind of effect on your income.

Step 6: Monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing

Monetize your YouTube channel with affiliate marketing. Keep in mind how the section on affiliate said that you can profit from any Internet webpage? All things considered, YouTube is one of them, enabling you to guide your objective market to the items and services that you feel will profit them most by putting joins on your YouTube page, profiting by offering other individuals’ merchandise.

Once more, you need to pick affiliates that would speak to your intended interest group. Thus, pick the items and services most fitting for your purchaser so you can make the most money possible.

You can likewise offer your own items and services on YouTube, acquiring 100 percent of the salary, which is dependably something to be thankful for.

Step 7: Check your stats and use the information wisely

YouTube provides you with analytics as to your video views so check them and see which ones are doing the best. Likewise, focus on which videos or points aren’t producing much buzz as that is similarly as imperative to know.

The second part of this step includes utilizing this data astutely. This implies rolling out improvements to your methodology if something isn’t working, however, it likewise requires that you make more videos like the ones that are doing the best and catching the most attention.

Step 8:  Optional

Apply for a YouTube association partnership. This step is only accessible to you on your YouTube channel has met certain criteria. Why apply for the association? Since you have more content creation tools available to you and you can win prizes in view of the achievement of your channel. In any case, it is beneficial for you.

Earning Potential

It is important to realize that you don’t make money on YouTube based on the number of followers you have, but on how many of them engage with your ads and affiliates. Although they are definitely related, they are still independent of each other, which mean that you need to get your followers involved. It’s not enough to just have them watch your videos.
One way to do this is to talk about your affiliates, ads, and products in your video. Give a call to action that tells your viewer to click on the links. If you don’t, you may be wasting a good opportunity to increase your income.

All in all, what amount of money would you be able to reasonably make with YouTube recordings? As indicated by an article composed by Business Insider, you can win six figures with the correct substance, much the same as Olga Kay does, however, it’s probably going to cost you.

Then again you have numerous cases of twenty YouTube tycoons like Vitalyzd TV who has just about 8 million supporters and make a fortune from his recordings.

So is it justified, despite all the trouble? Just you know the response to that. It’s conceivable that you may choose that this choice might be best as a side employment or you can gadget do make a plunge and do your best to make your star sparkle on YouTube, simply go for whichever alternative you feel comfortable right at the moment.

Do’s of Earning from YouTube

  • Make videos that are likely to be searched more.
  • Videos should be interesting that can make users to watch them completely.
  • Make videos that are engaging. Videos should be able to fetch comments and likes.
  • Compel users to subscribe to your channel.
  • Market your videos to all possible channels like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Name your videos well, similarly add descriptions and tags appropriately so that your videos are indexed and are shown in search results.

Don’ts of Earning from YouTube

  • Do not copy paste videos on YouTube. You will be caught automatically for any copyright violations and you may face account suspension soon.
  • Don’t make explicit videos or those that are not allowed by YouTube TOS.

The possibilities are endless; so are the earnings.

Have you been using YouTube? Have you been making money? Let me know in the comments below.  If you have any questions or would like more information about how to monetize YouTube videos.

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